Responsible Gold Guidelines

At Aramco Greens, we are focused on getting a spot for India at the core of the worldwide bullion market through feasible cycles and drives.Supportability is the establishment whereupon we have assembled every one of our cycles, from creation to individuals. Different viewpoints including natural consistence, struggle free minerals and grassroots individuals driven drives are the foundation of what we do. What’s more, we follow severe conventions to guarantee that our accomplices in the inventory network act capably across the full creation cycle.

We accept that maintainability additionally includes building a suffering and tough business, for which we place extraordinary significance on hazard the board, monetary supportability, counterparty due industriousness, business expansion, representative security and manageability announcing.

Responsible Gold

We put resources into guaranteeing a moral worth chain for our contributions, and follow best practices in great administration and the best expectations set by worldwide bodies to get rid of potential basic liberties infringement, struggle sourcing, and debasement.

Accountability to our customers through stringent anti money laundering controls

As a component of our obligation to our most significant partners our clients we strive to guarantee straightforward commitment no matter how you look at it. We have done an amazing job administrative KYC norms and founded a severe no-cash exchange strategy that lines up with great administration rehearses in the post-demonetisation period in India. We follow very tough enemy of illegal tax avoidance strategies, carried out through thorough administration frameworks. These incorporate thorough danger based due constancy strategies prior to entering new advertisement connections. The strategy additionally guarantees consistent checking of exchanges utilizing a danger based methodology.

Building a sustainable ethical value chain by complying with Responsible Gold Guidelines

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